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Contextual Recruitment System

By 7 November 2017December 15th, 2022No Comments

We use a specially developed tool to help ensure that all participants in PRIME programmes come from less socially mobile backgrounds where access to the profession is particularly difficult. This means we can understand your achievements in the context of your personal circumstances and compare your application fairly with the benefit of more information.

For instance, we might consider a candidate’s home postcode, school attended, whether they were eligible for free school meals, if they are the first generation in their immediate household to go to university, and whether they were ever in care or once a refugee or asylum seeker.

The CRS will provide PRIME with invaluable data about;

  • The percentage of social mobility students attending PRIME programmes
  • The breakdown of participants’ backgrounds – for example, how many attended poor performing schools, how many were in receipt of free school meals, how many were refugees etc.
  • The breakdown of participants on PRIME programmes by region, including a comparison of the location of PRIME participants with Department for Education “cold spots”

We now ask our member firms to collect the data from all of their PRIME participants using this simple form:

You may already be familiar with the CRS if you have submitted information to join PRIME member firm programmes.

In no circumstances are candidates ever marked down for supplying, or not supplying, this information.
If you, as a student, consent to providing information, it will be shared with our Partner – Rare Recruitment to more accurately understand your achievements in light of your personal circumstances.

Rare may retain this information, which will remain anonymous, and they’ll use it for research purposes to help PRIME understand and report on the social mobility status of PRIME participants as a whole. Rare’s Privacy Policy sets out that it will not share any name, phone number, or email address, or any other information supplied on the application form.