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David’s Story

By 15 March 2018August 13th, 2021No Comments

“Coming from the north of England and a comprehensive school I recall being told by a careers advisor that I couldn’t be a lawyer, let alone an international lawyer as I had dared to suggest, and that I should think of something else to do. When I asked why, I was told ‘Your family don’t have connections, your school doesn’t have connections, the cost to train is high and you’re from the north’. At the time I took that as being the truth. But when I got to University to study engineering I socialised with lawyers and thought they weren’t that different to me. And those words ‘you can’t’ motivated me to prove otherwise. Luckily for me, at the time Lovells, now Hogan Lovells offered me financial support through law school – I’ve been grateful ever since. I’m so proud to say that here and also what a great initiative PRIME commitment is.”

David Taylor, Hogan Lovells Partner