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Diversity of skills allowing us to drive forwards the social mobility agenda

By 23 May 2023July 26th, 2023No Comments

PRIME are pleased to announce that with the departure of Laura Bruce and Olivia Cole from its board last year, it further broadens representation as it welcomes new members.

Alongside law firm members, it is important to have representation from partner organisations and sector experts and so we are delighted to welcome Khasruz Zaman, Andy McKay and Katy Hampshire. This increased diversity of skills will allow us to drive forwards the social mobility agenda over the next few years.

Khasruz, previously a partner at a leading international law firm, where he spent over two decades working as a corporate lawyer specialising in M&A in the banking and financial services sector, is now teaching Maths at one of the Harris secondary academies in South London. He is passionate about developing and promoting talent from diverse backgrounds.

Elizabeth Robertson, Executive Chair of PRIME, shares:

Khasruz brings a unique perspective and skillset to the PRIME Board. His passion for social mobility, coupled with his first-hand experience of working in the legal sector, he is committed to creating a pathway between school and work. I am excited to have him on Board to guide us in this area of our work with students from lower socio-economic backgrounds”.

Andy joins the Board as an expert in creative storytelling. His extensive experience of working with law firms and legal education partners, he is perfectly placed to help PRIME fulfil their objective of enhancing their communications in order to better engage our member firms and future students. He says:

I am really pleased to be joining the PRIME Board. I strongly believe that people don’t remember what they see, they remember how they feel. I am keen to work with PRIME on messaging in order to highlight and improve access to the legal profession.”

Katy joins the board as a representative from the Sutton Trust. Elizabeth Robertson, highlights PRIME’s ongoing relationship with the Trust:

From PRIME’s inception, we have welcomed our partnership with the Sutton Trust. As a centre of excellence, they fight for social mobility from birth to the workplace. The work of the Trust has put social mobility on the map and we are delighted to have their continued input into our own focus on improving access to, and social-economic diversity within, the legal profession. Katy also brings her own personal passion for equality of access and seeing young people thrive”.