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Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.

By 4 March 2020August 13th, 2021No Comments

Katie Faulds, of Crasner Consulting, has written an inspiring article looking at the current state of social mobility within law firms and how it has improved over time.

Whilst there is much more still to be done, the legal profession is certainly trying to make a difference and we are proud that over 60 law firms have signed up to the PRIME Commitment and are committed to improving access to the legal profession through work experience.

Katie gives some insightful tips for law firms trying to be more socially inclusive. The first is to sign up to PRIME. Do get in touch if you would like to know more about how your law firm, or in-house legal department can get involved. You’ll be joining good company. Our members include all top 20 of the largest UK firms, as well as firms across the UK.

Nicholas Cheffings, PRIME Chair extends his thanks to Katie and Crasner Consulting for being so invested in the cause of social mobility in the profession. “It is critical not only that law firm management recognise that talent is everywhere but also that more search firms do as Crasner Consulting does and seek out diverse talent rather than simply putting round pegs in stereotypically round holes”. he says.

Read the full article below.